Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Let’s talk drinks - Singani, the spirit of the Andes

Peruvian Pisco, Mexican Tequila or Argentinian wines have become popular drinks worldwide, but Bolivia’s national tipple, Singani, is fast gaining international attention and may already be served at a bar near you.

Singani has won “best in show” for distilled spirits at the International Union des Oenologues. Distilled using the same type of method like cognac, it is made from a specific muscat type of grape grown in high altitude in Bolivia’s southern Tarija region, which give it a subtle taste and contains a higher level of antioxidants thanks to the intensity of the sunlight to which they are exposed.


Award-winning film director Steven Soderbergh couldn’t get enough Singani while filming “Che” in Bolivia: “I drink the stuff on the rocks because there's no burn and it has a very subtle, pleasant flavor, but I'm sure you can mix it.”

Yes, you can Steven. The most well-known mix is Chuflay: served on the rocks in a tall glass, a generous measure of Singani topped up with either ginger ale or lemonade and garnished with a slice of lime. Also popular is Yungueño, which mixes Singani with orange juice.


HighLives’ Gastronomic Tour to Bolivia allows visitors to taste Singani at source, touring the vineyards of Tarija and the rest of the country’s exciting gastronomic landscape.

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