Thursday, 10 January 2013

Review: BBC2 TV series featuring Bolivia's most dangerous roads

Last night I watched Bolivia’s episode of a BBC2 TV series featuring the world’s most dangerous roads.

I was not too sure what to expect after the BBC car show Top Gear did a typically brash version a few years ago, which offended many Bolivians in the UK.

But I think this show did Bolivia justice in so many ways without glossing over some of the problems in what is still a very poor country. It was clear that a good amount of research had gone into it yet it still packed a good mix of fun and adventure in.

My favourite moments of the programme were:
  • A moving interview with the volunteer rescue team about their work dealing with car accidents along Bolivia’s ‘death road’.
  •  The view of the clouds rising up from the forest as the presenters’ car ascended steeply towards the mountains.
  • Highlighting a unique and successful approach to road safety in La Paz, where crossing guards are dressed in zebra costumes.
  • The presenters’ clear awe at approaching and driving over the vast salt flats.
  • A glimpse of true Bolivian hospitality when a family of llama farmers performed camp-side singalong for their guests.
  • The brightest blue blue skies and sunshine, just as I remember.

I would urge UK viewers not to miss the show, it is available online on iplayer for another 7 days. Please feel free to send me your comments.

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