Friday, 28 December 2012

Bolivia Carnival, Oruro 2013

As a child I would always look forward to February, the Carnival season. It was really good fun, a whole week of celebrations, dance, music, and good fortune blessing. We Bolivians keep our traditions intact and one thing the country excels in is organising festivals and a good party.
Every year the mining town of Oruro fills with partygoers and becomes the biggest Carnival. Visit our website to find out how you could be part of this celebration, see here.
Gemma Bowes, travel editor of The Guardian, visited Bolivia last February, here is an article Gemma wrote on the Carnival in Bolivia.

Bolivia carnival: wet and wild
With water fights, costumed parades, dancing girls and blood rituals, Bolivians really know how to celebrate carnival in style.

"While these small celebrations add a joyful dimension to South American travel at this time of year, we would have been mad to miss one of the continent's biggest carnival parades, El Carnaval de Oruro, a week-long Rio-style procession of dozens of dancing troupes from all over Bolivia who gather in an isolated mining town on the southern Altiplano. Performing in fantastic costumes and huge masks, they continue for several sleepless days and nights, fuelled by strong spirits and chicha, a thick bubbly slop made from fermented corn".
To read the article in full see here or visit The Guardian website.

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